Life Updates and MIA

SO SORRY! I haven’t posted in what feels like a month! I didn’t actually check to see when the last time I posted was. I haven’t been really into reading, and have only read two books the last couple weeks, started like 3 and want to start even more. You guys know the problems.

One of the books I read was an ARC that I LOVED. Just I cannot get enough of that world and need the third book in my life. The other was this book called Sea Creatures, that…was just slow and had no pick up until the very end when this hurricane hit. I read it with a friend, and she also felt the same way.

I plan on getting those reviews out ASAP, and plan on reading even more.

I start online classes on Tuesday, so I am hoping that I can skillfully manage both of those thing.

I ALSO, finally, set up my desktop, which I am writing to you from, and got a wireless card for it. So yay for that. I haven’t used it since April.

That’s it for right now, like I said. I am sorry and will get to you with those book reviews ASAP.

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