Book Addiction

I would like to say that it has only recently dawned on me that I have a serious book needing addiction. And a book buying addiction. I don’t know why this hasn’t dawned on me until recently, aka this morning. But it’s clear that it is a “problem”…according to my husband.

I currently have 111 books I have been approved for from NetGalley. In the span of…2 months. Yes. I have read, or did not finish, and gave feedback on 13 of them, working on the 14th now. Every day I look at the new books they put up and request a couple. Every day. I have been declined 60 books. In average that’s at least 2.5 books requested a day. Which..sure. Isn’t that bad. But in total it’s 184 books requested in 71 days. Which looks bad.

Every time I go to Wal-Mart or Target I look at the books. Doesn’t matter if I went yesterday, or even earlier the same day. I look. I know it’s not going to be different day-to-day for at least 3 weeks. But I look. And I’ll be like..”Did I really not want this book? You know what. I am going to get it anyways!” And that’s how I end up with over half of my physical shelf of books not read. I get books I will probably never read because they are pretty and I need them on my shelf.

When people say they are a book dragon, I am the Elder Book Dragon, keeper of all the pretties.

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8 Responses to Book Addiction

  1. Don’t feel too bad. I think a lot of us are in this situation. I have a TON of ebooks on my Kindle to read and a few paperbacks on my shelf. Right now, I’m not sure I feel like reading any of them. I really want to buy a new book. I’m trying to stop myself from doing it!

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  2. I feel you on this one…My book “addiction” is becoming a bit of a problem!:) Maybe we could start B.A.A. (Book Addicts Annoymous)


  3. Haha I feel your pain on the book addiction! Would you be interested adding one more to the list? I’m looking for honest reviews of my new book, Hawaiian Heartbreak. If you’re interested I can send you a PDF, just flick me an email on


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