(Mis)Adventures in Baking

Yesterday night I started making cake pops for my husband because that’s what he wanted. Well the cake baking went well. The ball forming went great. I froze them for 30 minutes like the recipe said. Then I dipped the lollipop stick into the chocolate and pushed it in about 1.5 inches. After I had done this to them all it was time to dip!

This is when it all went to hell.

Every time I dipped the ball, it would come off the stick. This happened 4 times before I thought “Maybe the stick isn’t in deep enough.” So I re-did one. Let it sit for 10 minutes and tried to dip it again. Nope. At this point it was close to 3 am so I said “I am just going to put them in the freezer and let them sit all day and come back to it tomorrow.”

So that’s exactly what I did.

Now we have come to tonight. At about 10 I started melting the chocolate to dip it. Well it was super thick, to thick to dip anything. So I tried thinning it. It seized. I googled how to unseize your chocolate and it said to add 1 teaspoon of boiling water until smooth. So I did this. And it did make it smooth but no where near dippable. My husband says “Why don’t you just make frosting? We have another cake mix. Just make a pokeball cake.”

So I did. My gracious roommates went to go get butter for me, and some frosting for the still frozen cake balls. And considering it’s 130. I am dealing with that..tomorrow. So I started making frosting. The first one came out great!

When I started working on the second frosting, a red one because I am making a pokeball cake, I accidently spilled the red melted chocolate on the front of my shirt. It looked like I got hit with a paintball. Frosting still comes out yummy. But not red. So I use my bottle of red food coloring. It’s just a darker pink but still not red. So I asked Joe if there was any pink pokeballs. He says the love ball. We have everything so that’s what I do!


This is my finished cake project. I did 2 9 inch rounds and the frosting inside is green like there is a green pokemon inside. I showed it to Joe and he loved it and didn’t want me to do the black outline in the middle. So I didn’t. I hope it all tastes good!

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